A photo of me with my father during a jungle safari.

Hello and welcome to Bandhavgarh.in! My name is Manish and I’m a marketing manager by day, aspiring coder by night, and this is my website. I live in Bangalore, India and I like bira. (And I like playing poker on weekends among other things.)

Why another Bandhavgarh related website?

First of all, let me tell you that I didn’t build this website to be just another website about Bandhavgarh. I built this website so that everyone of us can cherish the moments and share our stories of the awesome/great Bandhavgarh National Park. When I was a kid, I used to go to Bandhavgarh on every summer vacation. It was like a treat for me from my parents. I’m from the age of Sita (the most photographed tigress in the world) and her cubs. I first saw her and her cubs in the year 1994-95 (don’t actually remember for sure but I was a very small kid some 9-10 years old).

So, back then you were allowed to take your cars inside the national park unlike today when you’re not allowed and you only can go inside by hiring a jeep safari. We had got a Maruti Omni (van) and we were just chilling inside the car, talking to each other and enjoying the views of the jungle. Suddenly, we hear the alarm of Sambars and monkeys and there came Sita with her cubs just a few hundred meters away from our car. Everybody locked their cars in a hurry/shock and went at the back to see this brilliant view of the giant tigress crossing the road with her cubs. It was really an amazing feeling, which you can only relate/feel if you’ve seen it.

Couldn’t find Bandhavgarh Stories

I searched for some place to find similar stories but I couldn’t and hence decided to build my own. This is the reason I came up with the idea to help others to share their stories with everybody, which people like me really enjoy. I’ll be hosting a contest every month where you can submit your best photos of Bandhavgarh along with your story of that picture or your experience of Bandhavgarh in 200-300 words. If you don’t have a photograph even then you can submit your story and we’ll judge your entry based on how beautiful or amazing your story is. Feeling more creative? You can even submit videos that you’ve created at Bandhavgarh. Like pictures tell a 1000 words, videos tell a million.

Don’t be shy!

Some motivation for people who have not written any story or feel shy (like me) to tell their stories because of language or because of being introvert, I would just like to tell them that just submit your story and we’ll take care of the language. As someone has rightly said, English is just a Language, Not a Measure of Intelligence! So go on and write your story. Even I am trying to write now a days and it really feels amazing.

A photo of me with my sisters outside the Tala gate after the jungle safari.

PS: I’m searching for my old photographs of Bandhavgarh National Park and will put them here once I get them. They’re really awesome pics taken from manual camera from that time. So please bookmark this site (Ctrl+B).